June 16, 2024


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Lexington’s Evenbrooke Market expands provides in excess of 20 new sellers

Brad McCullough, owner of Evenbrooke Marketplace in Lexington, stands in part of a 2,500 square foot addition at his store which allowed him to add about 22 new vendors showcasing their antiques, home decor, collectibles, jewelry and more. The addition also added an interior opening for customers in the main showroom area to use to visit Table and Root at Evenbrooke, a popular general store.

A Lexington store is increasing and adding new vendors staffing agency modifications its name area law agency grows. Here’s What’s Occurring in Davidson County.

Additional vendors, new snack and coffee store

Evenbrooke Market in Lexington is less than construction, adding more showcase sellers and has thoroughly revamped and renamed its snack and espresso store spot.

Shop operator Brad McCullough is about to end the enlargement venture that will include 2,500 square feet of showroom house, 22 new vendors and spotlight a newly named snack and coffee store space. The expansion experienced various veteran booth suppliers transferring to new locations in Evenbrooke’s extra than 20,000 sq.-foot showroom at 15 Murphy Generate.

The shop opened in 2019 with 12 vendors and has continued to improve.