March 1, 2021


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She threw a party and then billed the attendees

Dear Skip MANNERS: Pre-COVID, my substantial family had parties all the time, considering that it was always someone’s birthday, anniversary or other milestone. We would get together, celebrate and go dwelling nothing at all else took place.

Nonetheless, I have just one spouse and children member who would graciously offer you to throw a get together for an individual in her very own home, then instruct attendees to convey a particular dish or a bottle of wine (typically both of those).

We typically all chipped in to make these dinner events happen. But a pair times immediately after the celebration, she would send a information to all the friends to discover out how much absolutely everyone had put in on their dish. She would then incorporate her possess expenses for decorations and the like, and demand all attendees a payment.

This normally ranged from $30 to $50 — which, when added to what I used at the grocery retail store and the time put in getting ready foods, wound up near to $100. I would relatively just go to a restaurant. This demand always came as a shock to me, since it was only at any time mentioned immediately after the party was done with.