December 4, 2022


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Caring for Norfolk pine, potting amaryllis | Property & Yard

A: When planting an amaryllis bulb, find a pot which is about 1 to 2 inches broader than the diameter of the bulb. The container may possibly be clay, ceramic or plastic, but ought to have drainage holes in the bottom. Plant the bulb in great, nicely-drained potting mix.

Area a tiny quantity of potting blend in the bottom of the pot. Middle the bulb in the center of the pot. Then increase further potting combine, firming it about the roots and bulb. When completed potting, the upper a person-half of the bulb must stay previously mentioned the soil surface. Also, leave about just one inch between the soil surface and the pot’s rim. Then water properly and place in a warm (70 to 75 F) locale.

Just after the preliminary watering, permit the potting mix to dry somewhat before watering all over again. Maintain the mix moist, but not damp.

When advancement seems, transfer the plant to a sunny window and utilize a h2o soluble fertilizer just about every two to four weeks. In the course of flower stalk elongation, convert the pot each and every working day to keep the flower stalk growing straight. Flower stalks that lean badly will need to have to be staked.

Flowering ordinarily occurs about 6 to 8 months right after potting. When the amaryllis commences to bloom, go the plant to a a little cooler (65 to 70 F) spot that doesn’t acquire immediate sunlight to extend the lifetime of the bouquets.