May 19, 2024


Comfortable residential structure

A year | Home & Garden

Sitting alone in our beautiful office space this morning, I am struck by “what a difference a year can make.” Believe it or not, some of that difference was good.

One year ago, we became Coldwell Banker NHS Real Estate. We old guard NHS-ers who have lived this transformation have been happily wrapped in new resources of all sorts.

Our new colleagues who came on board this year have been our best new resources of all.

Even with COVID-19 limitations, our brand new space has set the stage for rich colleague relationships that benefit each of us, and in turn, our clients. At the risk of redundancy, truly one of the best things about our groups is how we collaborate and support each other. Together, we truly make each other better.

My clients again this year are the most impactful and best things about the year (in ways far bigger than monetary). I am educated, enriched and challenged; and I am better, and a better agent, for it. For example:

• An acquaintance from the past reached out to do one the most educational and unusual transactions I have ever been involved in.

• A young lady I knew as a toddler bought her first house in a tough COVID-laden environment. How is she old enough to be married and buying a house, and do so with maturity to match the challenges?