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Comfortable residential structure

Visit 12 gardens at the southern tip of Lancaster. This space is full of upcycled farm discoveries. [photos] | Home & Garden

A vertical trellis garden sways in the breeze on the porch behind an old stone farmhouse.

Succulents and cacti spill from dilapidated metal planters.

Sedum carpets serve as a way of life between the house and the garden.

Relatives gathering at this Dramore Township Farm for a reunion have a lot of plants to see.

“They always say,’Oh, look at all the work,’” says Marty Henry, the woman behind these plants.

She runs a greenhouse on her farm and has a lot of options, but she’s smart about which plants will come home. If they need to water more than every 4 days, they don’t cut.

“It’s not as much work as most people think, because you have to choose the right one in the right place,” says Henry.

Her garden is one of twelve on the Pouch & Poses Garden Tour, which takes place on Friday, July 16th and Saturday, July 17th, throughout the southern tip of the county. The tour includes a garden in the woods and a garden with a pond. The town has a garden with more than 300 rose bushes.There is a garden of Carlton Groff who ran Grof’s plant farm For decades, and two Amish gardens.Tour is a fundraising activity for Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church..

The Church of Dramore Township is open for a few minutes during a tour for a restroom break or with a new air conditioner, says Anna Mary Barcus, one of the members of the Garden Tour Committee. You can also see the restoration work of the historic church, such as stained glass windows and decorative ceiling paintings.The history of the church goes back so far, and one of its cemeteries The oldest original tombstone in the county.. The marker remembers Elizabeth King, who died on February 21, 1732, at the age of 23. According to her tombstone, Topped with old-etched flowers.

Flowers and gardening are a shared concern not only for church members, but also for community members. Would you like to turn it into a fund-raising activity?

Henry is one of the three church members on the tour.She and her family moved to the farm in 1966, when their property became part of the present. Maddy Run Reservoir.. She and her husband Tom bought the farm in 1987.They raise and run cattle and sheep here Henry’s Farm and Greenhouse With the help of family and friends. Greenhouses are a wholesale botanical business and are occasionally sold to the general public.

Pouch and positive

Henry has already spent a considerable amount of time in the greenhouse. She doesn’t want the plants around the farm to be babysitters. So she planted a basket “behind”, hanging with winding Linda Coleus, Rainbow Trade Scantia, and white spider plants (“to brighten it,” says Henry’s daughter, Barcus.” Masu). Pterophyta are pushed in to fill in later in the season. These plants love shade, don’t need a lot of water, and focus on the leaves to keep the flowers from falling into the pool.

Pouch and positive

The treasured Red Fred Begonia is clearly visible in the sitting area. Henry’s daughter, Mariam, figured out a way to breed this plant, so the greenhouse has smaller Freds, all with bright red leaves.

“When the sun shines at night, it feels like stained glass,” says Barcus.

Pouch and positive

In the center of the table Henry’s son-in-law made for her, there is even space for plants.

“In the first year, I had vegetable plants in them just for fun, something different,” says Henry.

Now they are planted with durable sedum, less maintenance and less growth options.

“Everyone can see it,” she says. “You can sit your plate on it.”

Pouch and positive

Along the front porch, hay rack planters and hanging baskets are flooded with dragon wing begonia with dark red-vermilion begonia accents, as well as green and yellow Swedish ivy “guacamole” and purple ivy.

Take a closer look at some of the containers. Each has a story, often starting with “We got rid of …”. There are many old equipment on the farm that will retire as planters.

Porch and Porch Tour

The hanging trellis is made up of three gutters filled with specimen plants.

The rustic succulents are old funnels.

Turn the corn tub cap upside down and attach it to a container containing anything other than corn. It’s capricious and reminds Henry of choosing her father and all the corn of the time.

“You need to have a piece that means something to you,” she says.

Visit 12 gardens at the southern tip of Lancaster. This space is full of upcycled farm discoveries. [photos] | Home & Garden

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