June 16, 2024


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Presidents’ Day constantly will make me feel of George Washington. For a botanist, the aged legend about young George’s chopping down a cherry tree is instead memorable. So, in honor of our first president, I existing to you…a cherry tree.

All of the real cherry species belong to the genus Prunus, which is a member of the rose family members. Our Mystery Plant is a relative of the common and widespread black cherry, which may well be escalating in your place. These two species are superficially identical, but pretty simple to notify aside. Though black cherry is strictly a deciduous plant, our thriller plant is evergreen, its leaves elliptical or considerably egg-shaped, and shiny green. The leaf margins are exceptionally variable, and may well be sleek, or geared up with a range of ordinarily tiny, jaggedy teeth, particularly on sprouts. The leaf blades are a bit rigid and leathery, and if you crunch some up in your two arms and breathe in the aroma, you possibly will acknowledge at minimum a slight, sweet cherry scent.

This species is normally a quite tiny tree, and it takes place in a natural way in maritime forests along the coastline, from North Carolina down to central Florida, and west to Texas. The point is, this species is quickly able of growing perfectly away from the coastline, and it has now come to be naturalized in numerous elements of the Southeast outdoors its standard assortment. It is a little something of a weed, basically, normally displaying up in vacant tons and alongside fences, and seems to have unfold from internet sites wherever it was cultivated.