January 28, 2023


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Grasp Gardener: Dragonflies are helpful mosquito-eaters | House & Backyard garden

The nymphs do not search like the grown ups. You may perhaps have seen them at some position and not known they were youthful dragonflies. They have a prolonged slender physique, six legs, and a significant head but no wings. When in the nymph phase, they feed on tiny aquatic animals these types of as insects, tadpoles, worms or even very compact fish, achieving out and grabbing their evening meal as it swims by.

The moment they are entirely grown, they crawl out of the drinking water to finish the method of turning into an adult. In what can be a 50 %-hour very long process, the adult dragonfly emerges from the naiad pores and skin. When the wings are prepared, they fly off in look for of a mate. Grownups could reside up to 6 months. Soon after mating occurs, the woman lays her eggs, and the method starts all around yet again.

Interestingly, dragonfly mating happens while flying. You may perhaps have viewed two connected dragonflies traveling, landing and flying once more at some stage. Perfectly, that’s what was going on. Dragonflies can continue being in this posture for various days just before detaching to have on with their life.

The “dragon” part of their name comes from their strong jaws, which they use to catch their prey. The fly portion, well, that really should be obvious, but they are also the world’s speediest insect, with the capacity to reach speeds of up to 60 miles for each hour.

When searching for foodstuff, the adult dragonflies will fly in a zigzag sample over the drinking water or your garden primarily scooping up mosquitos, gnats or other insects from the air with their entrance legs which they keep like a basket just beneath their mouth.