October 20, 2021


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GARDENER COLUMN: Oh honey, it’s time to plant | Property & Yard

“I wasn’t heading to eat it, I was just likely to taste it.” — Winnie the Pooh

I a short while ago wrote about deterring bunnies and deer from consuming your back garden crops. This earlier 7 days, we had a new visitor to our backyard garden and our beehives – a bear. The very first evening, he just took down all our bird feeders, so we assumed it was a spouse and children of naughty raccoons. We introduced in the bird feeders the up coming night and in the morning, we uncovered he experienced tipped about and ripped the hinged roofs correct off two of our four bee hives. Luckily for us, we ended up equipped to upright the hives devoid of considerably drama, apart from for the 3 bees that acquired inside my bee fit and a single smaller sting on my thigh. We moved the hives so they would be closer to the close by trees so my spouse, Scott, could chain the hives to the trees. That night, as I was relocating the crops I was hardening off back into the property, I was confident I heard the bear rustling close to in the close by bushes. You’ve hardly ever found any person operate so quickly in rubber yard boots. In the morning, Scott went to check his hives. The bear however obtained the chains off a single hive and ruined it really fantastic. Scott was not prepared to give up although. We moved all the hives nearer to the dwelling and set electric “goat” fencing all around our orchard/now apiary. We hung wind chimes and bells and still left the property lights on. Sadly, we had to re-queen a pair of the hives as they didn’t take care of the trauma effectively. Thankfully, we think the bear has now moved on. All I can say is that this year’s honey is likely to be the most costly honey we’ve ever had.