May 19, 2024


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Divide sansevieria, Xmas cactus at any time now | Residence & Backyard garden

Q • Is this a fantastic time to repot and divide sansevieria and Christmas cactus?

A • Now is an suitable time to divide the sansevieria and repot both equally houseplants. Sansevieria grows by rhizomes, or underground stems, which can be divided to generate new plants. When choosing the portion to be divided from the mom plant, make absolutely sure that it has a number of roots connected. You can also propagate sanseviera by cutting a leaf off at the foundation and then subdividing the leaf into 2- to 4-inch sections. Retain every segment upright and location into moistened soil. In a couple of weeks, each area will create new roots.

Xmas cactus can be repotted just after your plant has concluded blooming. Blooming generally takes place from November to January. Stay away from repotting when flower buds are producing or when your plant is actively blooming. Dependent on the cultivar, blooming can lengthen into February. Our Christmas cactus (Schlumbergia ‘Dark Marie’) at the Heart for Residence Gardening has bloomed close to Xmas and once again all over Valentine’s Day.

Produce to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Center for Dwelling Gardening at [email protected] or the Horticulture Remedy Assistance, 4344 Shaw Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110.