February 22, 2024


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Cattleya Wine from Colombia features botanically correct orchids | House & Back garden

Fantastic wine is rarely my forte, but when a consumer handed me two extravagant bottles referred to as Cattleya, I was intrigued. What could the relationship be in between the Queen of the Orchids and fermented grapes? Undoubtedly, both equally have an rigorous and loyal adhering to, but there ought to be a little something more.

My father was similarly curious and had by no means seen nearly anything like this. He’s been associated with all points orchid considering the fact that the 1940s and mentioned that the logo on the label was a botanically accurate cattleya flower with all the right pieces and orientation. This artwork is refreshing supplied that graphic designers on a regular basis choose inventive liberty when drawing orchids and transform them into one thing unrecognizable.

Even more assessment of the bottle revealed a subtle design. The creamy white label featured an embossed metallic flower that was shade coded this sort of that a pink bloom represented a pink wine such as Pinot Noir or Syrah and a gold bloom represented a Chardonnay. Elegantly penned in massive cursive letters was the phrase, Cattleya.

The major of the container was just as refined. Stamped on the foil over the cork was a different cattleya flower — also raised and coloured — so that numerous bottles on a rack can be differentiated. This fine detail reinforces the horticultural branding and is reminiscent of the precision with which orchid breeders choose and pollinate their hybrids.

I contacted the business, Cattleya Wines, and found out that the proprietor and winemaker, Bibiana Gonzalez Rave, was in truth encouraged by the famed orchid. She is from Colombia exactly where cattleyas improve wild and were being so common in the 1930s, that 1 species, C trianaei, was chosen as the National Flower of the region. Her total childhood was spent around orchids.