January 19, 2022


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Which Realm You Should Choose

Genshin Impact Version 1.5 introduces the housing system, but with three realms to choose from, where should players live in their new home?

Even though it was announced before Genshin Impact ever officially released, the housing system has finally arrived in-game thanks to the Version 1.5 update. Now, many players are getting ready to create and decorate their own homes in the open-world RPG. But with three different housing realms to choose from, picking which location is right for the player can be a tough decision. So, which housing realm in Genshin Impact is actually the best?

Version 1.5 of Genshin Impact introduces a lot of new content into the game. While new playable characters like Eula and Yanfei have gotten a lot of attention, the biggest draw to the new update is arguably the housing system. Fans have waited a long time to see the housing system introduced, and there are currently three realms to choose from: Emerald Peak, Cool Isle, and Floating Abode.

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In order to choose the realm they want to live in, players will need to first unlock Genshin Impact‘s housing system and obtain the Serenitea Pot. Not every realm is available at first, as players will have to raise their Trust levels to unlock extra areas. Once unlocked, these new locales will have to be purchased with Realm Currency.

Genshin Impact’s Emerald Peak, Floating Abode, & Cool Isle Realms

Genshin Impact Housing System Explained

The first realm players will have access to is Emerald Peak, a grassy and mountainous area that resembles Liyue’s wilderness. For players who’ve dreamed about living at the top of a mountain, this location is pretty ideal. Meanwhile, the Cool Isle realm offers players a chance to live close to the shoreline. With sunny views of the coast and sea nearby, it’s great for anyone who wants a beach vacation that never ends. The third realm, Floating Abode, is a floating island in the sky, adding a bit of exotic mysticism to a player’s home. Anyone who wants to feel like an Adepti may want to live in the Floating Abode realm.

While it’s likely more realms will be added in the future, these are the three current realms in Genshin Impact‘s new housing system. Each location offers a little something different, so it’s really up to players which housing realm they should choose. Thankfully, if a player is having second thoughts, they can change their housing Realm Style (assuming more are unlocked) with the Serenitea Pot at any time.

The housing system is one of the coolest new features in the 1.5 update. Genshin Impact fans should have a lot of fun deciding where they’d like to live and how to craft their own home decorations once they’ve moved in. Ultimately, though, it’s up to a player’s preference in terms of which housing realm is actually the best.

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