May 24, 2024


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Walmart announces new at-home return service during COVID-19

Walmart is rolling out new initiatives to keep everyone safe this holiday season.

The retail giant has teamed up with FedEx to create a new at-home return service to make the process of returning holiday gifts less painful.

At the customer’s request, Carrier Pickup by FedEx will pick up any items that were purchased online to be returned. Customers will no longer be required to walk into the store to return any unwanted holiday gifts.

To schedule a return, customers can download the Walmart mobile app to pull up any previous online orders, according to Good Morning America. After selecting which items to return, customers can then choose a return pickup and appointment date, pack the items at home complete with label provided by Walmart, and wait for pickup.

The new initiative comes as less people plan to gather together for the holiday due to COVID-19.

Rival retail giant Target recently rolled out a similar new return policy allowing customers to return items via Estes Forwarding Worldwide or FedExFreight. Target however does not allow a contact-free option, and customers are required to visit the store.

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