December 4, 2023


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Trump Returns Property to Mar-a-lago Group of Supporters

WEST PALM Beach, Fla. — As Joe Biden was producing his 1st remarks as president, Donald Trump’s motorcade worked its way down West Palm Beach’s Southern Boulevard.

‘God Bless the USA’ blared from nearby automobiles and hundreds of individuals lined the avenue to cheer for the previous president.

As he rode down the street, Trump fist pumped and gave the double thumbs up to his supporters from behind the shut auto window.

“I have never ever been additional very pleased to be an American,” said resident Kathy Vaughan. “I felt like it was my most effective buddy going by.”

The impromptu street social gathering was stuffed with flags, dancing, and loud tunes as his supporters organized for Trump’s arrival house to Mar-a-lago.

“It’s like the Tremendous Bowl,” explained resident Josias Citta. “It’s the working day he leaves office environment but he’s performed so substantially for us.”

Trump arrived at Mar-a-lago just times in advance of noontime Wednesday, when Biden took more than the function as president.