December 2, 2022


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MARNI JAMESON: A Appear Again Aspect I: Lessons acquired from 2020

A GOOD YEAR FOR THE YARD: From rendering to reality, this yard makeover came during a year when the pandemic ushered in a greater appreciation for outdoor living. (Photos / Marni Jameson)

Now we appear to that time of yr (and what a yr it is really been) where, customarily we ― you and I ―reflect on the place we have gone alongside one another on our journey towards much better residing. For my past two columns of the 12 months, I revisit my beloved lessons, one a thirty day period, from the year’s columns. Below are my top takeaways from the 1st six months of 2020.

In JANUARY, Unwell of the mud our 3 dogs saved tracking in from the property, where the garden would not improve, because the trees were overgrown, my spouse and I acquired specialist assistance. As we sat on the patio overlooking our mud pit with landscape designer Tony Evans, he asked what we wanted. DC and I sputtered possibilities: a fountain, a firepit, a pool, no a lot more mud. Two weeks later Evan’s came back with a program, much superior than we could have imagined, which was, just after all, why we employed him. It would be 7 months before the vision grew to become authentic, and the property obtained muddier before it obtained greater. Having said that, as COVID shut off the world, our new out of doors house, which became considerably much more usable, sent higher returns than we could have imagined.