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Locker decorations that are both useful and cool

Locker decorations that are both useful and cool

Locker decorations that are both useful and cool

For a lot of kids, school is a little bit like a second home. They can spend upwards of eight hours a day there, and—especially if they’re a tween or teen—their locker might be the only bit of personal, private space they have in that realm. But lockers can be boring. They’re big blank boxes, and they don’t always make the best use of the space they’re taking up. So why not make that locker work for you by jazzing it up a bit, or really maximizing the space?

Here are some of our favorite locker decorations, whether your kid is looking to add some personal flair, some personal space, or just wow everyone else around.

Locker decoration ideas for storage

1. Divide the space with a locker shelf


Credit: U Brands / Tools for School

Don’t let the chance of an unorganized locker ruin your day.

You can never go wrong with a locker shelf. It keeps a wet coat away from books, and makes it so your kid’s not juggling books and backpacks every time they’re looking to get something out of the locker. If you’re looking for substance and durability, the Tools For School Locker Shelf comes in three pleasing colors.

If your tween or teen is more about style, there’s always this white and gold number from Target, which is slightly flimsier, but should get the job done—at least for one school year.

2. Hang some pockets


Credit: PB Teen

Let your personality shine through with these amazing pocket holders from PB Teen.

Little things always get lost in lockers, whether it’s a hair tie or a box of crayons. That’s why we love a good set of magnetic pockets. They’re perfect for surplus pens, notes from friends, or even a brush and hair ties. There are dozens on the market, but we love PB Teen’s rainbow tie-dye pocket, which is very on-trend for the season and comes paired with an always essential locker mirror. For even more storage, PB Teen also offers a flashy set of three iridescent pockets that read “I’m Super Busy,” lest anyone think otherwise.

3. Make space for keys


Credit: TWONE / PB Teen

Being responsible has officially gotten a lot more stylish.

Little things are always getting lost in lockers. That’s why it’s important to always have a dedicated spot for your keys. While it’s easy enough to throw them on the coat hook, that’s just so boring. Why not opt for Twone’s cloud-shaped magnetic holder, which makes any set of keys look like little lightning bolts? It’s drawn a 4.5-star rating with over 5,000 reviews, and people rave about its ability to hold “a ridiculous amount of weight.” One review even called it “one of the best purchases I’ve made.”

If you’re interested in something potentially bigger, PB Teen offers a combination clip-hook that would hold a picture on top, and then a set of keys—or even a set of headphones, judging by the pictures—on the bottom.

4. Magnets, magnets, magnets


Credit: U Brands / Instamax

Personalize everything in your locker down to the last detail.

Lockers have always been a great place to display pics of your besties, but they’re also great places for to-do lists, self-affirmations, or even high school sports schedules. Thus, every locker needs a good set of magnets. If your kid is the kind who’s always taking snaps on their Fujifilm Instax camera, opt for a cute set of rainbow frames, which they can use to frame their six fave snaps.

If your kid’s more of a “whatever, whenever” type, then there’s always a set of six fat little cat magnets, which are as adorable as they are beloved by Amazon reviewers.

For flashback flare and maybe even some spelling practice, snap up a pack of rainbow alphabet magnets. There are 104 letters in a pack, so you’ll never run out of E’s.

Lastly, for that boho “plant person” aesthetic, opt for a miniature hanging succulent magnet, which both looks like adorable, tiny greenery and offers substantial staying power. If one’s not enough, there’s even a three-pack of succulent magnets available from Target.

5. Get the stink out


Credit: Fresh Wave

Smelly gym socks overwhelming your locker are officially a thing of the past.

This isn’t a storage item, per se, but it’s important all the same. Even the most organized, glamorous lockers can get stinky, especially when sports gear is involved. Invest in a six-pack of Fresh Wave Pearl Packs from Container Store and remind your kid to throw a new one in their locker each month or so, just to keep things from getting too ripe. Your nose will thank you come laundry day.

Get a set of six Fresh Wave Pearl Packs from Container Store for $9.99

Locker decorations for style

6. Hang some wallpaper


Credit: Appliance Art / U Brands

Make a statement with a bold wallpaper for your locker.

Locker design has come a long way in the past few years. There’s magnetic wallpaper from companies like Appliance Art, which come in packs of four panels perfect for coating the entire inside of a locker. They’re a little pricey, but are heavy-duty, stand up to almost anything, and are easy to apply. There are 38 different options to pick from, all of which would change the look of a locker in minutes.

If that price point still seems a little scary, though, there’s always the peel and stick option. Target’s got an adorable roll of navy heart-printed paper that should be enough to do a whole locker. For a more boho chic look, there’s also a pink cactus option that is subtle, but adorable.

If a whole wall of paper feels like a bit of a commitment, opt for peel and stick polka dots from The Home Depot. We like the gold confetti dots, which would really pop in a bland grey locker, and come in a pack so big that they could probably be used over multiple years—or even shared by multiple besties at the same school.

7. Throw down some flooring


Credit: U Brands

Elevate your small space with this elegant fur rug.

It’s a bit of a weird concept, but locker rugs are a very real thing—and a very cute thing at that. A perfectly-sized square of carpeting, a locker rug can both help keep heavy books from sliding around and help add some pizzazz to a boring old locker floor. We’re into the luxe fur look of this Target option.

Get a locker rug from Target for $6.99

8. Everyone loves a magnetic message board


Credit: U Brands

Make your personalized letter board do all the talking for you!

When most of us adults were growing up, dry erase boards were all the rage. They’re still great for lockers, but if you want to take things to the next level, consider a wood letter board from Target. A miniature version of the ones you see so often on Instagram, the letter board comes with 145 letters and symbols, meaning your kid can change their message up every single day if they want. As a bonus, the board’s packaging is even sourced from well-managed forests, meaning you can feel a little better about your ecological impact, at least for today.

Get a wood letter board from Target for $7.99

9. Mirrors matter


Credit: The Container Store

I feel a sudden hair flip coming on.

Just like dry-erase boards, mirrors have long been a locker staple. There are plenty of good but boring options on the market, but if you’re looking to go above and beyond or if you’ve got a kid with a passion for fashion, then we suggest a 10X mini LED spotlight mirror from the Container Store. Your kid can check out their makeup and get a little light in whatever dim locker cavern they’ve got going on. Just watch: Soon, they’ll be the envy of the fashion set.

Get a LED spotlight mirror from the Container Store for $14.99

10. Shine some light on the situation


Credit: U Brands / PB Teen

Allow these fun lights to illuminate your locker–and your day!

Speaking of dim lockers: You’re going to want a light in there. Luckily, tap lighting and battery powered lights have come a long way in the past decade or so. The options for locker lighting are varied and many.

There are locker chandeliers and locker pendant lights, like this hip, modern gold pendant option from PB Teen. If you’d rather throw up a sconce—because what high school locker doesn’t need a sconce?—Target’s got you covered. If you’d prefer some indirect mood lighting, there are great options there, too. Pop some gold LED string lights from Target, or even opt for a spinning, motorized disco ball complete with lighting. Because nothing says “party at my house this weekend” like a disco ball in a locker.

11. For flower children


Credit: Jubilance Lane

Who wouldn’t like a personal mini garden in their locker?

Looking for a little more greenery in your locker life? Why not display a mini bud vase and fill it with something festive—whether it’s a dandelion from the school lawn, a daisy from the grocery store, or just a fake flower from the fabric store. We like these mini ones from Etsy. A hidden magnet holds the vase to the locker, and, as the Etsy seller notes, these could also be used as diffusers, should the user want to drip a few drops of essential oil in there along with their fake flower. Adios, locker stink!

Get a magnetic bud vase from Etsy for $12.95

12. Add some crystals and charm the school


Credit: DolliGemGem

Clear the air–literally.

School can be a weird place, with hormones and feelings and insecurity all over the place. Some people believe that crystals can help with all sorts of issues, so why not try a few well-placed locker crystals? If your kid’s the type who’s maybe seeking a little more love—platonic or not—this rose and clear quartz hanger from Etsy would be great for helping set the day’s intentions. If your kid’s maybe been bullied or isn’t always too sure of themselves, a macrame pendant made of clear quartz and obsidian can help say “I’ve got your back, even if I can’t be there with you.”

13. A kit gets everything done at once


Credit: Wallpops!

Can’t decide on how to piece all your décor ideas together? Try a locker kit to assist you.

If your kid isn’t the type of person to hem and haw over every single locker decor decision, consider picking up a kit that contains all the essentials all at once, from wallpaper to organizers to a mirror. There are plenty of solid options out there, from totally basic to quite stylish.

If you’re feeling a sort of Miami / Golden Girls vibe, WallPops offers a pink and green palm frond strewn kit that screams “I spend my weekends on the lanai.”

If your kid’s a budding roller derby doll, WallPops also offers a themed kit with “edgy teal wallpaper,” a dry erase board, magnets, and an organizer, all for about $20. We’re also partial to WallPops’ doodle kit, which feels part Keith Haring and part Saved By The Bell, what with its black and white squiggly wallpaper and accessories.

And if you’ve already got the wallpaper but just want a kit of accessories like an organizer, magnet, and weekly dry erase organizer, Target’s got you covered with this boho option. Now go forth and make that locker shine.

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