December 2, 2022


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‘I kicked the door into his face’: NorCal woman, 12, recounts battling off intruder although house alone

A younger lady, residence by yourself, held her cool while combating off an intruder in Woodland, a town northwest of Sacramento.

“I read like pounding. I assumed it was knocking simply because I had my headphones in. And when I took my headphones off, I understood that someone was truly attempting to come into the household,” 12-calendar year-aged Nyletta Lincoln explained to KTXL.

Lincoln was by herself at house all around noon Friday when she stated a strange person tried using to split open her entrance door.

“I grabbed my baseball bat and I walked into my living room and observed the lock was busted and he was seeking to get in,” Lincoln recalled. 

She explained the guy stopped what he was performing just for a second.

“He stated ‘Let me in.’ And I yelled ‘No!’ And I kicked the door into his deal with and so,” she claimed as her father, Paul Lincoln, chuckled at her description of the occasion.

“I was really scared. But I just knew, I realized he could not come into the property and I realized just to secure my have home. I did not want to die. I didn’t want him stealing nearly anything in my residence. So, I protected it,” Lincoln stated.

Woodland police named Paul Lincoln to notify him what had took place and that she was all appropriate.

“I left Big 5. I was purchasing her a throwing ax,” Paul Lincoln stated by way of laughter.

Dad stated law enforcement acquired to his dwelling just in time.

“The chain just enable go as quickly as they ended up pulling up. And they had been equipped to get right here on time,” Paul Lincoln stated. “Thank you, Woodland PD. We value you.” 

Woodland police Sgt. Victoria Danzl claimed officers, who ended up already in the spot for a prowling call about two several hours previously, positioned the suspect exterior of the Lincolns’ entrance door and arrested him.

“Surprising for the reason that it is a actually silent community,” neighbor Paula Corral instructed KTXL. “We just really don’t have people kind of matters here. Now we’re locking our door.”

In November, law enforcement reported the identical suspect was arrested for prowling soon after he was identified rummaging via trash in a resident’s yard.

“There are some similarities from the description to the topic and we’ll be following up on that,” Danzl claimed.

Paul Lincoln stated his brave daughter was raised realizing a “fallback plan” and that if everyone would split-in, she’d know what to do.

“I’m very pleased of her. She’s my tiny Latina-Irish Viking and it’s in our blood. He picked the incorrect household. He picked the completely wrong property with a more durable 12-yr-old than me,” Paul Lincoln explained with laughter.