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Genshin Impact: How to Customize The Serenitea Pot

The Serenitea Pot is one of the most unexpected additions in Genshin Impact. This delightful device gives you a huge slab of land to decorate along with your very own mansion. All you need to do is run a few errands with Yanfei, and you get the Serenitea Pot from Madame Ping for free.

It can be summoned almost anywhere, so you don’t need to travel back to a city to visit your new home. Best of all, there is a huge array of different items to decorate with, including furniture, trees, pets, and even extra houses, albeit facades. Here’s everything you need to know about decorating your new abode.

Getting Decorations

To decorate, you’re going to need to get some furniture to place around your house and extra items to decorate your massive outdoor space with. There are two primary ways to get furniture:

  • Buying items with the realm currency.
  • Gathering supplies and making furniture yourself.

Realm currency can be earned in various ways, but the most lucrative way is to simply expand and customize using the options Tubby will give you.

Tubby is the floating bird that can be found next to your mansion and is going to be essential for building your home. He offers you options to make furniture, buy blueprints, buy furniture, and collect currency.

In addition, there is a traveling salesman, Chubby, that will visit your realm from time to time. The salesman will let you buy selected items using realm currency.

You can also complete tasks inside the teapot to earn rewards; the tasks are displayed in a similar fashion to the ones in your Adventurer Handbook in what is called the Adeptal Mirror.

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Getting And Using Blueprints

Meeting Chubby

Blueprints are an important item that will allow you to craft different types of furniture. Like stated above, blueprints can be purchased from Tubby.

  • Rare blueprints can be picked up from Chubby.
  • Some blueprints can only be earned through the Adeptal Mirror tasks.

Remember to check your inventory to check for blueprints that you haven’t learned.

Once you have items that you want to make, it’s time to speak with Tubby. He will allow you to make resources used in furniture making and make furniture itself.

This means that you may need to spend some time gathering ingredients. There are seven types of wood that can currently be harvested from around Mondstadt and Liyue, including bamboo.

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Adeptal Mirror Tasks

On top of the wood, plants will be needed to make dye for your furniture, and silk flowers will be needed to make cloth. Ore is also used in building furniture, and there are a lot of items to make.

Both your outside space and your mansion are quite spacious, so you’re going to be placing a lot of items, especially if you want to raise your trust rank with Tubby as well as your Adeptal Energy.

Outside of your realm, there are two places that you can go to purchase blueprints. The first is Goth, who is located in Mondstadt. The second is Master Lu, a carpenter in Qingce Village. Both of these shops take mora, but you should be prepared to spend a lot of money to get all of the blueprints in these shops.

You should also note that it takes several real-world hours to make a single piece of furniture, so you will need to check in on the game a few times a day to get the most out of the furniture building systems. There are also a couple of ways to speed up the process.

  • Visiting Friends can help speed up your furniture crafting.
  • Using a Vial of Adeptal Speed can instantly finish a piece of furniture.

When you first get your realm, you will be incredibly limited in how many pieces of furniture you can create at once. This will increase as you gain trust levels with Tubby.

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Customizing Your Realm

Outdoor Editing

The first place you will arrive when entering your realm is outside of your mansion. This is a huge area that can be almost completely customized. You will even get more land when you raise Tubby’s friendship level.

You must be outside of your mansion to customize the outside, and you can put large decorations like rocks and shops. The system for decorating is top-down, but you can easily zoom in or out when placing your objects.

  • You can even place a blacksmith shop to forge items from

There are a lot of assets you are going to recognize from the rest of the game, like fully-fledged houses and stalls with fruits. You can make small towns or cluster a ton of trees together to make a forest. Players have even started to make interesting tunnel systems and started working on elaborate designs.

Mansion Editing

You will need to enter your mansion in order to start customizing it. There are several rooms in the mansion that you can easily switch between when decorating. By placing furniture in every room, you can raise your realm ranking. This in turn, affects how quickly your accumulate realm currency.

Keep in mind there is a limit to how many items you can place at once. Some users may also experience problems loading their realms if they have placed a lot of decorations.

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