April 19, 2024


Comfortable residential structure

Federal stimulus money allows homeowners to make home improvements during pandemic

The pandemic has hurt some local businesses, but others are flourishing.

Thanks to federal stimulus money, many homeowners are fixing up the house.

Home improvement companies are now reaping the benefit.

Here is a look at this very busy time for these home improvement companies.

You may have gotten your second round of stimulus money, or it’s on it’s way.

With the pandemic in mind, many people are taking that money to help improve their house.

Work is underway when it comes to the home improvement business.

“We have been and this last year we have had the most growth we’ve had by far in the last 10 years and it’s certainly a result of the pandemic and what’s going on,” said Frank Timpano, President of Finer Things Wood Design.

With so many people spending more time at home, many people are deciding to make improvements. Now families even have some extra cash to make that happen.

A local department store is also seeing more business. One associate is offering up some suggestions for those wanting to remodel.

“Figure out exactly what you want with everything and do a little bit of research to see if there is anything that hard to obtain. Also be ready for certain things to be more expensive because they are hard to produce,” said Timpano.

The owner of Finer Things Wood Design said some of the more popular projects right now include adding a home office, a mud room or something for more personal space.

Not only is this helping residents in Erie County, but it is also helping local businesses.

“I work with other contractors that handle installations for me. I work with local builders so it’s nice. I am a hometown guy too, so it’s nice working with these people. It’s a lot of contacts that I’ve made even back to high school and still working with,” said Owen Nowosielski, Associate at Kraus Department Store.

If you want to check the status of your stimulus payment, click here.