May 24, 2024


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DFW family goes viral with Nintendo Christmas decorations

For many families, once they find a Christmas lights display they enjoy for their home, they stick with it year after year. However, one Dallas family decided 2020 was the year to think outside the box and come up with a new display of decorations. Their home has now gone viral after creating a Nintendo themed display that covers the entire front side of their home.

The Milam family has become the talk of their lower Greenville neighborhood thanks to their Christmas decorations making their home look like a video game. “My husband and my son love Nintendo. We figured this a different year so we wanted to go with a different kind of decoration,” said Katie Milam. Now, their front yard looks like a giant Nintendo game display, complete with a letter from Santa asking for Super Mario 3.

While neither parents had any building or art experience, they were inspired after winning a Halloween porch decoration contest for their son’s school. “We won first prize at school we were like ‘oh, we’re pretty good at this!’” said Milam. While it may not be very Christmas-like, it definitely wins for most creative.