February 1, 2023


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COVID stay at home order: Greater Sacramento Region order ending

Two counties in the Greater Sacramento Region said the order for the region has ended.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — After weeks under a regional stay-at-home order, the Greater Sacramento Region has finally had their order lifted, according to a news release from Butte County Public Health and Yuba County.

“This afternoon, the California Department of Public Health contacted Dr. Luu with the unexpected news that the State-At-Home order for the Greater Sacramento Region is being lifted. Locally, ICU beds in our own hospital are still stressed, so all of us still need to keep doing all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Yuba County said in a Facebook post.

On Tuesday, Butte County officials said the Greater Sacramento Region had a four-week projection for ICU bed capacity that exceeded 15%. Officials said that projection translates to an end of the regional stay-at-home order, effective immediately.

ABC10 has a call out to the California Department of Public Health and multiple other counties in the Greater Sacramento Region for additional confirmation. 

Russ Brown, Media and Community Relations Coordinator for Yuba County Administrator’s Office, said he was expecting Dr. Mark Ghaly to give the news during his 1:30 press event.

The regional order dates back to Dec. 10. It happened when the ICU bed capacity dipped below 15% and triggered a regional lockdown for at least 21 days.

While the regional lockdown is lifted, according to multiple counties, the tier system for reopening is still in place. The purple tier is the most restrictive tier and requires most businesses and activities to modify operations for outdoors only.

To find out what tier your county is in, click HERE.

Counties under the purple tier are also under a state curfew. It’s a limited a stay-at-home order that puts a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew on counties in the purple tier. The curfew is in effect until the regional stay-at-home order ends in all regions of California.

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