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Comfortable residential structure

Courthouse Notes: Shenandoah County | Nvdaily

Courthouse Notes: Shenandoah County | Nvdaily

Courthouse Notes: Shenandoah County | Nvdaily

The subsequent information and facts is from the Shenandoah County Circuit Court and Office of Creating Inspections:

Marriage Licenses

• Steven James Thomas, 28, of Woodstock, and Elizabeth Anne Pearl, 27, of Woodstock.

• Way Bandy III, 26, of Woodstock, and Sara Nicole Shuck, 21, of Woodstock.

• Cornelius Cloud II, 46, of Strasburg, and Renee Melissa Filetto, 36, of Pasadena, Maryland.

• Adalberto Tamayo-Alarcon, 44, of Edinburg, and Hilda De Dios, 47, of Woodstock.

• Christopher Daniel Environmentally friendly, 29, of Baltimore, and Kaitlynn Alexis Tucker, 28, of Baltimore.


• Amy Sasher Cronin and William Kenneth Cronin.

• Shelby Yvonne Helsley and Larry Samuel Helsley Jr.

• Kimberly Sue Catt and Bradley Keith Catt.

• Dwayne Ellis Dempsey and Rebecca Ann Dempsey.

• Chad Wayne Sherman and Krista Sky Sherman.

• Holly Louise Miller and Glenn Allan Miller.

• Brittany Dare Sherfey and Ronnie Lee Sherfey Jr.

Real estate in excess of $25,000

• Mark S. Fitchett and Brian L. Fitchett to Jerry D. Gum, 137 Hoover Highway, Woodstock, $247,000.

• Shelby Jean Schaeffer Orebaugh to Freedom Church Revolution, Sundance Retreat, Mountain Best Lane, Lot 98, New Market place, $30,000.

• Vicki S. Ruckman to James M. Montgomery, Gary E. George and Dianne N. George, 4515 Swover Creek Street, Edinburg, 60 acres, $525,000.

• Catherine K. Fisher, executrix of the estate of Joy G. Fisher, to Corey Beil and Ruth Beil, 145 Fishers Highway, Maurertown, $280,000.

• NVR Inc. to Jacob Lee Buhl and Janna Leigh Buhl, Taylor’s Ridge, 260 Kanter Travel, Strasburg, $341,730.

• Nanci L. Lewis to Louis Printz Moore IV and Gabrielle Tess Brooks, 283 W. Washington St., Strasburg, $249,000.

• Mack E. Gill and Jean A. Gill to Carson Gene Balzrette and Elizabeth Balzrette, 40 Greenhill Lane, Edinburg, $245,000.

• Dennis Lynn Ray, executor of the estate of Vivian R. Ray, to Mateo Zacarias Pablo, Academy Heights, 442 W. Aged Cross Street, New Marketplace, $197,500.

• Judy D. Langley to Ambrosia L. Church, 2282 St. Luke Road, Woodstock, $218,000.

• NVR Inc. to Geoffrey Ludeman and Megan DeAnne Ludeman, Taylor’s Ridge, 144 Brill Generate, Strasburg, $324,250.

• Kenneth W. Shade Jr. to Karla Patricia Quintanilla Perla, 483 N. Water St., Woodstock, $138,000.

• Maurice J. Painter and Margaret L. Painter to Kenneth W. Shade Jr., Windsor Farms, 21 Hillcrest Lane, Edinburg, $260,000.

• Wilmington Savings Fund Culture to Lisa K. Reveen and Daryl Edward Orenge, 411 W. Substantial St., Woodstock, $140,000.

• David Albert McClanahan Jr. and Denise Marie McClanahan to William S. Mantz and Karrigan D. Mantz, Fort Valley Street, Fort Valley, 16.149 acres, $120,000.

• Jeffrey Smith and Janie Smith to Alphaus Stoltzfus and Kimberly Stotlzfus, Sundance, 637 N. Maple Street, Mount Jackson, $103,000.

• Jayreen Bobitski to Barbara Rosenberry, Signal Knob Station Condominium, 145 Hailey Lane, Unit F-2, Strasburg, $122,900.

• FFC Qualities LLC to Steven R. Jones, 12952 Back again Street, Strasburg, $379,000.

• Mary Ann Herrell to Alexander Gochenour, Homestead at the River, Fox Hollow Highway, Lot 37, Woodstock, $64,000.

Developing permits over $15,000

• Nick and Brittany Silvestri, 164 Fairmont Lane, Star Tannery, put in 28 ground-mounted solar panels, $16,500.

• Dennis and Ruth Burnett, 433 N. Lee St., Woodstock, display screen porch on concrete slab, $29,900.

• Michael and Sherry Booth, 3172 St. Davids Church Road, Fort Valley, addition, $35,428.

• Anthony Istrico, 571 Tower Mountain Lane, Mount Jackson, carport/garage, $34,500.

• Mary E. Patterson, 472 Beauregard Generate, Basye, remodel kitchen, $19,000.

• Randall and Catherine Gilbert, 398 E. Eaglewood Lane, Mount Jackson, set up 24 roof-mounted solar modules, $66,312.

• Ken Tiemeyer, 422 Wren Lane, Strasburg, transform kitchen, $27,500.

• Ann Michael, 135 W. Spring St., Woodstock, detached garage, $30,000.

• Henry Mulder, 1599 Shipwreck Push, New Market, transform bath in basement, insert kitchen, $29,800.

• Bowman Andros Goods LLC, 10119 Outdated Valley Pike, Mount Jackson, electrical for 166,000 metal framed generation facility, $100,000.