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Celebrating carnival with decorations in Tongelre nursing home

Celebrating carnival with decorations in Tongelre nursing home

Celebrating carnival with decorations in Tongelre nursing home
Carnival in Nursing home
Photo Credit: Pixabay.com, jacqueline macou

To put up a ‘colourful’ fight against the coronavirus, the Vitalis Berckelhof nursing home in Tongelre, put up pieces of a Limburg carnival float.

Sylvia van Agge from Vitalis and her colleague Jessica, were determined to bring that cheerful carnival atmosphere back into the home by February. A brainstorming session followed. They searched on Internet for the cutest carnival decorations. A few days later, they found the perfect decorations.


They were pieces of a float from a carnival association in Limburg (Haelen). These were part of a cancelled parade this year. The owner of the decorations sold them for a crate of beer.  Van Agge says that it has started new discussions in the nursing home. “They’re not all about corona anymore. That was exactly the intention.”

Outside is a clown with an oversized smile. Inside, the hallway is decorated by a papier-mâché duo. They are animals, but the residents cannot immediately define the species. They hesitate between a combination of a mole, a pig and a bear. Not that it matters much! Since then, in fact, the atmosphere has been upbeat.

“Cozy and nice atmosphere”

“I think it’s very nice and very cozy” says resident Francine Eickmans. “You forget about the other miseries because of it.” Fellow resident Hennie Bogaerts wholeheartedly agrees with her. She is already looking forward to the party. And, to get even more in the carnival mood she will be watching a lot of TV. This is a tip for the other residents. Bogaerts: “Let carnival come!

Of course, two important ingredients are missing: booze and the carnival hits. “Well, I don’t drink beer,” laughs Mrs. Eickmans. “But I do like the cheerful music.”

Sylvia van Agge does not serve beer. But, she does give her word: when the time comes, those carnival hits will be arranged.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation:Chaitali Sengupta, who also gives online INBURGERING classes.