June 16, 2024


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All the Coolest Home and Design Releases We Found in March 2021

This month’s releases in the home and design space were timely like Teeling Whiskey’s collaboration with La Colombe on an Irish coffee kit to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and a tahdig trio from Our Place in honor of the Persian New Year. Outer released a new collection of outdoor furniture, and now’s the time to order it for those perfect spring and summer outdoor hangouts. From the kitchen to the living room, these are some of the best home and design products we either found or were released last month here.

Junzi Kitchen x The Met: Year of the Ox Chili Oil Gift Set

chili oil

Junzi Kitchen

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, chef Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen worked with The Met on a hot chili oil gift set to celebrate the Year of the Ox. The three-pack will contain one of Junzi Kitchen’s original chili oils plus two made specifically for The Met collaboration: Silk Road and Red Lantern. Silk Road contains is meant to evoke flavor profiles from east to west, with ingredients such as Tianjin chilis, Indian turmeric, Wild Mountain Afghanistan cumin and Egyptian fennel. Red Lantern uses lantern chilis, providing bright heat, and mouth-tingling Sichuan peppercorn oil, savory confit shallots, umami-packed fermented black beans and mushroom powder to mimic MSG.

The collaboration between the restaurant and the museum is to celebrate The Met’s exhibition, Celebrating the Year of the Ox. The gift set and jars of chili oil are adorned with artwork from the collection, and half of the proceeds from sales will go towards The Met.

Price: $48 for three


Teeling Whiskey x La Colombe Irish Coffee Kit

teeling whiskey x la colombe irish coffee kit


Time’s a social construct, so might as well celebrate St. Patrick’s Day now. Teeling Whiskey wanted to make it easy as possible to enjoy an Irish coffee at home, so the Irish whiskey brand tapped third-wave coffee pioneer La Colombe on a $40 Irish coffee kit. The kit comes with a full-sized bottle of Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey as well as two cans of La Colombe Vanilla Draft Lattes, two Collins glasses, two metal straws and a shaker of ground nutmeg.

Price: $40


Aesop x RÆBURN The Adventurer Roll Up



Your EDC probably includes hand sanitizer these days, and Aesop made it easier to bring hand sanitizer (and a hand balm to combat dry hands) on the road with you. The skincare brand partnered with designer Christopher Raeburn on the Adventurer Roll Up, which includes Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash, the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm and the Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Mist, a new release. It’s all wrapped in a pouch made from pre-consumer recycled cotton. A limited run of 300 roll ups will be housed in a pouch made from reclaimed 1960s aeronautical navigation maps, so each pouch is unique, while the general run will have a navy blue pouch.

Price: $65


Lodge Cast-Iron Grilling

lodge cast iron grilling


We all know cast iron is great for grilling, and now Lodge is making its own dedicated cast-iron grilling line. So far the lineup include the Kickoff Grill ($100), a dual-handle grill basket ($35), a rectangular grill topper ($30), a smoker skillet ($25) and burger press ($20). Like all of Lodge’s cast-iron cookware, the grilling line is sure to last generations.

Price: $20+


Old Pal x Summerland Fruit Fantasy

apple shaped pipe

Old Pal

Old Pal, a lifestyle brand for tokers, and Summerland, a maker of hand-made smoking tools partnered to make a very cool pipe. Any seasoned pot smoker (of which I am not) will be familiar with apple pipes, essentially an actual apple being used as a pipe. The Fruit Fantasy turns the apple into a ceramic piece, so you don’t have to waste apples anymore.

Price: $95


Our Place Tahdig Trio

tahdig trio

Christopher Beyer

Our Place just added a new accessory for its Always Pan, and it’s one that celebrates a special holiday in Iranian culture. Nowruz, which starts on March 21, marks the start of the spring equinox. One food that is inherently tied to the occasion is tahdig, or “scorched rice,” for the thin crunchy bottom the rice gets from the way it’s cooked. Our Place founder Shiza Shahid, who is Pakistani, and husband Amir Tehrani, who is Iranian, wanted to celebrate tahdig by releasing the Tahdig Trio. It includes the Noosh-e-Joon platter, a ceramic dish that fits atop the Always Pan, and helps to achieve the 180° flip required to get perfectly shaped and browned tahdig; a damkoni, which is a cotton cloth that slips over the pan’s lid to soak up moisture; and saffron, the main ingredient in tahdig and most Nowruz dishes.

    Price: $65


    Levi’s for Target

    levis target


    Oddly enough, a Levi’s collaboration with Target does not include a line of super-cheap jeans. Instead we’re getting a bunch of home goods, all inspired by blue denim. The 100-plus collection features too many items to list out, but it does encapsulate items for every part of your home. There’s furniture, kitchenware, bedding, dining essentials and even goods for your pup. Everything is available online and in store, and prices start as low as $3.

    Price: $3+


    Eater Wine Club x Mysa The Marigny Deep Cuts 2019

    mysa the marigny deep cuts 2019


    If you’re still trying to get into wine, joining a wine club will quickly get you up to speed. One of the best online wine clubs is Eater’s. The food publication works with a chef each month, who curates a box of wine around a certain theme, and the wines are from Mysa, an online wine store that specializes in natural wine. Oregon-based winery The Marigny made Deep Cuts 2019 specifically for Eater Wine Club, and you can get the bottle on its own. The slightly effervescent juice is a blend of sauvignon blanc, Auxerrois, pinot gris and chardonnay grapes, that is as chuggable as it is photogenic.

    Price: $30


    Outer Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection

    outer teak


    We loved the OG Outer collection of outdoor furniture, which is made of all-weather wicker. Its new teak collection is giving its wicker stuff a run for its money. Teak is meant to withstand the elements, and it gives the outdoor sofas a more modern and polished look. The new line maintains what made the original a winner from its memory foam cushions that resist stains and fading, plus the integrated cover, called OuterShell, that rolls from the back of the seat to give your outdoor setup extra protection — because we know it’s still cold out, and snow is still somewhere in the forecast.

    Price: $1,250+


    Otelier Eat-Work Table

    desk table


    For most, the dining table has played double duty as a desk. Otelier, a new furniture company, released its debut collection, and it includes a dining table that’s actually meant to be a desk, too. Want to eat dinner? The Eat-Work table is a dining table that can seat six. Ready for work? Use the hidden controller to bring the table up to standing desk height. Four drawers can be used to house tableware or office essentials, and the under-table cord holder keeps all the wires out of the way. With the Eat-Work table, it’s all work and all play.

    Price: $2,780


    Avec Women’s History Month Collabs

    people hanging out drinking avec soda


    When you’re sick of sugar-packed cocktail mixes, Avec is there to hold it down. The low-sugar, low-calorie sodas are perfect for mixing, and for Women’s History Month, the brand is partnering with women-led spirit brands to enjoy the occasion (and drink well). Through ReserveBar, you can grab a special bundle of Avec with 21 Seeds tequila, Uncle Nearest whiskey, Harlem’s HH Bespoke Rum or NY’s Harridan Vodka to make bar-quality cocktails at home.

    Price: $73+


    Evil Twin Evil Sauce What Even Is Port Wine Anyway?

    hot sauce

    Evil Twin

    What even is Evil Twin? The legendary craft brewery in New York City makes some exceptional pastry stouts, sours and even hard seltzers. Oh, and it makes really good hot sauce apparently. What Even Is Port Wine Anyway? is the brewery’s second spicy condiment made with eponymous port wine, tomato juice and aji amarillo and Scotch bonnet peppers. Most of Evil Twin’s offerings are chuggable, but we suggest you enjoy this slowly.

    Price: $12


    Five Two Ultimate Baking Tool Set

    baking set


    When you’re looking for cooking gear that’s as nice as they are functional, head to Five Two, the in-house brand of food publication Food52. Its latest release is a baking tool set that was developed with insight from experienced bakers. You’ll get two different-sized offset spatulas, a pastry brush and a bench scraper, the holy trinity of baking equipment. So get baking … or don’t — the whole set looks amazing so they’ll look pretty just sitting on the counter.

    Price: $49


    Snow Days Pizza Bites

    pizza bites

    Megan Madden

    Pizza bites, the ultimate drunk food, lazy dinner meal and snow day snack. The latter is the main reason why Jason Karp launched the brand Snow Days, an homage to wolfing down pizza bites when the snow kept him home from school. Karp, who cofounded the snack brand Hu, made Snow Days’ pizza bites to taste better than the ones you used to eat, and they’re made better, too. The bites are gluten free as the shells are made of cassava. The tomato sauce also hides a garden’s worth of vegetables — like carrots, spinach and onions — that doesn’t make you feel like you’re downing a green juice. Snow days may be a thing of the past for most, but Snow Days is here to stay.

      Price: $31 for 40 pieces

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      OddFellows x Knappogue Castle x Mr Black Irish Coffee Ice Cream

      ice cream

      Daniel Schwartz

      Another ice cream and whiskey collaboration? I smell a trend! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, NYC-based scoop shop OddFellows made an Irish Coffee Ice Cream with Knappogue Castle’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey’s 12 Year Old and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur. The alcohol isn’t just for show — the ice cream is strictly for those 21 and up, so maybe keep this away from your kids’ reach.

      Price: $56/four-pack

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      weed box


      Stylish weed accessories are absolutely happening— just ask Seth Rogen. Cubbi is just the latest in a line of weed-adjacent products that want to make pot smoking feel less grungy and more grown up. Dubbing itself the “bento box of weed,” Cubbi offers tokers a way to stash their stash discretely and stylishly. It also makes sure you never misplace your grinder, rolling papers, lighters and whatever else you need to light up. A built-in air-tight container keeps your weed fresh while preventing odors from seeping out of Cubbi. The lid doubles as a rolling tray, and all it seems to be missing as an ashtray. Cubbi is available for pre-order now and fittingly, it ships out on April 20.

      Price: $59

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      The perfect strawberry exists, and it comes out of a vertical farm in New Jersey. Hiroki Koga is the founder of Oishii, and he just so happens to be an expert in vertical farming. That means he can precisely control Mother Nature indoors to grow the perfect strawberry every time. His variety of strawberry happens to be the Omakase Berry, with origins in Japan. The Omakase Berry is sweet in a way that so many strawberry-flavored foods try to replicate. And the aroma of the fruit is almost perfume-like, filling a room with an intoxicating scent. Michelin-starred restaurants, like Atomix and Olmsted, feature the Omakase Berry in its menus, and if you live in Manhattan or parts of Brooklyn, you can get a taste of perfection.

      Price: $15+

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      Hopewell Brewing Big Buddy

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      The beer world is seeing an aluminum can shortage, and one of our favorite beers is going away because of it. Hopewell Brewing, one of the few women-led breweries around, used to make a beer called Lil Buddy, an 8-ounce lager that goes with almost anything. Because of the can shortage, Hopewell couldn’t get anymore of its “lil” cans, so as a last hurrah to the beer, those in the Chicago area can grab a Big Buddy, a 16-ounce version of our little friend. Grab one while you can, because once it’s gone, the beer is gone for good.


      Tank Garage Winery 2019 Self-Love Red Wine


      Tank Garage Winery

      We could all use a little self love. Or maybe a lot. A global pandemic, social isolation and over anxiety can really have an effect on one’s mental health, and Tank Garage Winery’s latest release is trying to help. The California winery’s Self-Love red wine blend of mostly syrah with cinsaut, grenache and valdiguié. A dollar form each bottle of Self-Love will go towards the National Alliance of Mental Illness & Health. Comfort yourself with a little wine, and help raise awareness around mental illness, too.

      Price: $40

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      Russet “The Champ” Coffee Table

      coffee table


      Even if you don’t have a single tool, you can put together this coffee table. After releasing the Sidekick side table last year, Russet is back in 2021 with the Champ. The coffee table comes together like those wood dinosaur puzzles of your childhood, except this coffee table is actually useful. It has two tiers for extra space for your clutter (or more coffee table books), and it comes to light-, medium- and black-stained wood. This might just be a renter’s perfect coffee table.

      Price: $165

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      Jai Lennard

      Ruby is already a television star. The hibiscus water made its debut as a cameo in the HBO show “Euphoria,” and now Ruby is available for purchase. The antioxidant-packed drink is available in sweetened and unsweetened varieties, and it tastes somewhere in between cranberry juice and black tea. Hibiscus is subtly naturally sweet, with an overwhelming tartness that can help curb sugar cravings. The flower has a host of health benefits from potentially lowering blood pressure to boosting liver health. While you can drink Ruby on its own, it makes a surprisingly good cocktail mixer (agave-based spirits pair well).

      Price: $4/each

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      Hedley and Bennett x Jesse Tyler Ferguson Food Between Friends Bundle


      Lindsey Kusterman

      “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a big foodie. So much so that he recently dropped a new cookbook, written with food writer Julie Tanous, “Food Between Friends.” To celebrate the release of the new book, Ferguson and leading apron brand Hedley and Bennett collaborated on a limited-edition collection of aprons and potholders. A portion of the profits from sales of the collection will go towards Ferguson’s organization Tie the Knot, which advocates for LGBTQ civil rights and marriage equality around the world.

      Price: $145

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      Garrison Brothers Distillery x Payne-Mason Cigars

      garrison brothers distillery x paynemason cigars


      Payne-Mason Cigars released four new cigars meant to be paired with the Texas-based distillery Garrison Brothers’ Small Batch Bourbon — and one of the cigars is actually infused with the distillery’s whiskey, then aged in a used white oak Garrison Brothers barrel. The Torpedo Garrison is a blend of Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos with an Ecuadorian binder, wrapped in a six-year aged Dominican Corojo Wrapper, and smoking it evokes similar aromas and tastes of Garrison Brothers’ bourbons. The other three cigars in the line are Toros, and while they’re not infused with whiskey, they will complement a dram of bourbon like you wouldn’t believe.

      Price: $17+

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      Milu Pantry

      chili oil

      Alexander Stein

      In October 2020, when Connie Chung, former culinary director of Michelin-starred restaurants Eleven Madison Park and Nomad, opened Milu, food reviewers rained praise on the chef’s creations: regional Chinese food at approachable price points. If you’re not located in the New York City area, you can still bring some of Milu’s flavors home. The restaurant just launched nationwide shipping on its pantry program, which includes Milu-made sauces. Try its chili crisp, a savory and lightly spicy combination of chili oil, chili flakes, spices and crunchy toasted soy nuts; chili oil, a fragrant, heat-packed finishing oil; hoisin sauce, a mole-like condiment for basically everything; and dumpling sauce, an acidic and umami-packed condiment for more than just dumplings. Get it, and you’ll see why publications like The New Yorker call Milu “exquisite.”

      Price: $12/each

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      Revival Bath Collection

      bath linens


      Revival continues to expand beyond area rugs, this time entering the bathroom space with a line of bath linens. Dubbed the Aegean collection (and available in blush pink, sky blue and cream colorways as an homage to the Aegean coast), the line includes washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets and a bath mat. Each piece is 700 grams per square meter, a plush weight that makes the towels soft and comforting like one you’d find in a spa.

      Price: $19+

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      Una Pizza Napoletana x Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

      ice cream


      Una Pizza Napoletana, known for bringing Neapolitan pies to New York, and Morgenstern’s, which creates unique ice cream flavors (and once made Kanye West-inspired flavors), worked on four ice cream flavors that you can try no matter where you are in the United States. Each ice cream draws its flavor inspirations from Italy, like the Una Express, which is an espresso ice cream with roasted Piemonte hazelnuts, and Una Royale, which is, fior di latte ice cream with housemade walnut cake, orange and Italian ricotta inside. The brands also tapped four artists to design custom artwork for the pints.

      Price: $16

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        Oxo Fruit Tools

        oxo fruit tools


        The best part of spring and summer? For me, it’s the seasonal fruit. Oxo’s newest releases are a trio of tools that will help you more quickly prep summertime fruit. The mango slicer is essentially a serrated plastic knife (good for kids!) to help easily cut through the fruit, and an integrated scooper helps to get all the flesh out of the skin; the strawberry huller is like a sharp pair of tweezers that helps you get rid of the hull while taking out as little of the strawberry as possible; and the multi cherry pitter is an upgraded version of Oxo’s single cherry pitter so you can worry less about pitting and more about eating.

        Price: $9+

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        Heo Ceramics x The Goods Mart

        heo ceramics x the goods mart


        Karen Tong is the artist behind the Los Angeles-based ceramics brand Heo. Daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Tong spent five years living on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, her life story influencing her work. Rachel Krupa, founder of the health food store The Goods Mart, enjoyed Tong’s work so much that the two worked together on a collaborative mug and snack bowl. The 12-ounce mug feature some funky handles, and the snack bowl is available in Triple Stripe and Full Contrast Carvings designs.

        Price: $28/bowl and $58/mug

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        Revision Cork Booklift



        Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Cork Booklift from Revision is exactly what it sounds like, a booklift made of cork. Simple as it sounds, it’s probably one of the most useful things you’ll ever own. The angled and indented hunk of cork keeps your book open and tilted for you to read comfortably. It’s a huge lifesaver for those who need their cookbooks open while they’re cooking. And if you flip it around, the Booklift can support your iPad whether that’s where you read your cookbooks nowadays or if you’re just watching a video. But wait, there’s more. Lay it on its side, and the Booklift is now a book end. Simple? Yes. Ingenious? More so.

        Price: $42

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        Anova Precision Reusable Silicone Bag

        silicone bag


        We love a good sous vide circulator at Gear Patrol, but we hate the constant use of plastic. Anova solves this plastic issue with a reusable silicone bag that eliminates the need for single-use plastic and a vacuum sealer, another clunky tool your kitchen could probably do without. The BPA-free bags can withstand temperatures as low as -8°F and as high as 382°F, plus, they’re dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

        Price: $20

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        Cascatelli Pasta by Sporkful

        cascatelli pasta by sporkful


        Welcome to 2021, a time when we’re still inventing new pasta shapes. Dan Pashman, the host of thee James Beard award-winning podcast Sporkful, worked with American pasta maker Sfoglini to create a new pasta shape called the cascatelli, which is the Italian word for “waterfalls.” It took three years to create the new shape, and the story of it can be heard in Sporkful’s new five-episode series “Mission: ImPASTAble.” Cascatelli draws from Pashman’s love of bucactini and mafalde, and Pashman’s pasta shape meets his criteria for what makes a good pasta: forkability, sauceability and toothsinkability.

        Price: $4.39+/pound

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        Material Tableware



        When you have beautiful tableware, you can eat fast food on it and have it feel like fine dining. While that may be an exaggeration, Material’s new tableware is close to making that feel like a reality. The brand known for its cookware and kitchen essentials just expanded its line with tableware, available in two colors — light and dark — and four shapes — a round bowl, an open bowl a half plate and a full plate. To make the tableware, Material tapped Seoul-based ceramics brand Soil Baker, founded by Hye Rin Yang. Yang herself hand throws each plate and bowl, and Material founder Eunice Byun was drawn to working with Yang because of their shared Korean heritage. In response to an increase in attacks on Asian Americans, Material will be working with the non-profit #HateIsAVirus, with 50 percent of profits from March 24 to March 31 going to the organization.

        Price: $60+/pair

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        Burrow Totem Collection





        From the brand that quite possibly launched the sofa-in-a-box craze, Burrow released two new pieces of furniture under its Totem collection — and it’s quite possibly the nicest clutter hider we’ve seen. The company says both pieces, a bench and a credenza, are “homages to Japanese carpentry and Scandinavian minimalism” and “balance minimal form with maximum functionality and bring unique hidden storage to any room.” Both make a hefty presence without screaming for attention, and they utilize silent-close and slow-open doors so there’s no slamming, finger crunching or the like.

        Price (Bench): $595 | Price (Credenza): $795


        Ramen Hero Citrus Kick


        Ramen Hero

        At-home ramen has come a long way since neon-colored, sodium-laden Cup Noodles. Just look at Ramen Hero. Instead of most instant ramen brands that advertise delicious bowls of ramen packed with toppings that make you supply the toppings, Ramen Hero includes everything in the package (even the meat!). The latest addition to Ramen Hero’s lineup of frozen ramen meal kits is Citrus Kick, a spicy ramen made with chicken broth, dashi and shio tare as well as a lemon sauce that’s then topped with pork belly chashu and black pepper pork ragu.

        “We were looking for a ramen that would be perfect for spring and summer,” Ramen Hero Head Chef Hideki Kunimura said in a press release. “The combination of dried bonito and citrus work beautifully together while the spiciness of green chilis and black pepper gives the dish a zing you didn’t see coming.”

        Price: $18

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        Made In Boning Knife


        Made In

        Made In, the Everlane of cookware, added a new blade to its knife roll, the boning knife. Its short and slender blade makes it apt at getting around joints to break down meat, poultry or whatever you throw its way. With it, you’ll remove as much skin and fat off bones without losing too much precious eat, and the shape makes it good for something as simple as peeling fruit. Like Made In’s other knives, it’s fully forged with a full tang, and made in France by fifth-generation bladesmiths.

        Price: $149

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          Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño



          One of our favorite low-ABV aperitif brands just made the drink of the summer. Grapefruit Jalapeño is an 18 percent ABV brew meant to feel like a spicy margarita. It’s made with fresh grapefruit and jalapeño, dried lime leaf and chili and a touch of blue agave syrup. Enjoy it by itself on the rocks or mixed with some grapefruit juice and a splash of your favorite agave-based spirit

          Price: $35

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          Dims. Alfa Sofa



          Direct-to-consumer furniture label Dims. finally made a sofa, and it was worth the wait. Hallgeir Homstvedt and Jonah Takagi of design studio Takagi Homstvedt are behind the Alfa sofa, which Dims. calls heirloom-quality. It’s inspired by the curves of 1960 Italian cars, complementing plush cushions with dainty legs. The sofa is meant to look like it’s suspended in air, providing a museum-like piece for home. Get it in either a two-seater or three-seater, and choose between 10 colorways and two leg finishes.

          Price: $2,795+

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          Bona Furtuna Il Vivace Gift Set

          bona furtuna

          Bona Furtuna

          I’ve been watching a lot of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” lately (its season finale aired last week) and it’s making me wish I could go to Italy. Except I can’t — not right now at least. Bona Furtuna, an organic farm in Sicily, is pretty close to recreating the flavors of Italy in my New York City apartment. Its Il Vivace Gift Set gives a little taste of what Bona Furtuna is known for. The set includes a bottle of its Heritage Blend Olive Oil, made from Sicilian olive trees that are up to 1,000 years old, as well as two sea salt blends, one mixed with lemon and the other mixed with basil. Gift this for yourself, or maybe Mom will love this for Mother’s Day.

          Price: $84

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          Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

          drew barrymore


          Drew Barrymore is making cookware, and it looks really good. Barrymore worked with kitchen brand Made By Gather to release her Beautiful (pretty on the nose) line of small kitchen appliances, cookware and kitchen tools. You can buy anything from an air fryer ($89) to measuring spoons ($3), and most items are under $100. Made By Gather is known for its brands like Bella and Cruz, the latter of which collaborated with chef supergroup Ghetto Gastro. The Beautiful line is carried exclusively at Walmart, and when it debuted on the “Drew Barrymore Show,” the air fryer sold out within 24 hours, so check it out before the whole collection is gone.

          Price: $4+

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          Carbone Fine Foods

          pasta sauce


          The supermarket aisle is oversaturated with jarred pasta sauces. Now there’s another brand of pasta sauces to add, and it’s courtesy of the New York-based high-end Italian restaurant. Launched under the name Carbone Fine Foods, the three sauces — marinara, arrabbiata and tomato basil — will give people an opportunity to bring the tastes of the Michelin-starred restaurant into their home. Carbone Fine Food sauces are available on its website, as well as on Amazon. For those heading to the grocery store, you’ll be able to find it at Stop & Shop locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

          Price: $8/24-ounce jar

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