June 23, 2024


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16 subscription boxes that make being at home more enjoyable

Bored in the house, and we're in the house bored...

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Let’s be honest: Most of us are still spending the majority of our time at home. Many companies are still operating remotely, and social gatherings are still being kept to a minimum. You’ve probably found ways to entertain yourself (and your family) within the comfort of your own four walls, but if your go-to quarantine activities are getting stale, it may be time to switch things up.

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No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a subscription box that can help make your time at home a little more fun. There are subscription services for everything from food and drink to specific hobbies like yoga and camping, and when you sign up for one, you’ll be able to look forward to a surprise package every month—not to mention all the goodies that are inside!

Sound appealing? Here are 16 of our favorite subscription boxes that will definitely make being at home a little more enjoyable.

1. Wine delivery—enough said

What better way to pass the time than by discovering new wine?

Wine makes everything better, and you don’t even have to leave your house to stock up on vino thanks to Winc. The wine subscription service will send you four bottles every month, tailoring your selections based on an initial quiz and your ratings of past bottles, and they even recommend recipes to pair with each wine. The cost of Winc varies depending on the amount of wine you purchase each month, and it’s a great way to keep your liquor cabinet stocked and discover new varieties of vino.

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2. A flower subscription for fresh bouquets every month

Fresh flowers will brighten up your home and your spirits.

I don’t know about you, but having an arrangement of flowers on my kitchen counter always makes my days a little brighter! With a subscription from Bouqs, you can have fresh cut blooms delivered to your doorstep every month (or week, depending on your preference), ensuring your home always feels bright and cheery. You can choose from three bouquet sizes, and you’ll get beautifully fresh, seasonal blooms sources from eco-friendly farms all over the world.

Sign up for Bouqs

3. Our favorite coffee subscription service

Better beans, better coffee!

Missing your favorite coffee shop? You can have the delicious, fancy coffee at home with Counter Culture Coffee, which is the best coffee subscription we’ve tested. You can opt to have a rotating selection of single-origin beans delivered, or you stick to your tried-and-true favorite from the brand. Counter Culture lets you order anywhere from one to four 12-ounces bags at a time, and you can select from a variety of delivery frequencies, ranging from every week to once a month.

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4. An interactive murder mystery subscription

True Crime enthusiasts will love unraveling the mystery.

The Hunt A Killer subscription box is sure to keep you occupied while you’re passing time at home. This unique subscription box lets you play detective, sorting through clues to unravel a (fictional) cold case murder. The mystery is laid out across six “episodes” (one box = one episode), and you can expect to spend a few hours parsing through the clues and story line in each delivery. It’s incredibly fun, especially if you like True Crime, and it makes for a great at-home date night, too.

Get 6 episodes of Hunt A Killer for $165

5. Delicious foods from iconic eateries

Sample delicious food from eateries all around the country.

If your favorite part of traveling is trying delicious food everywhere you go, the Goldbelly Monthly Food Subscription is right up your alley. Goldbelly is an online marketplace for artisanal food made by iconic restaurants all across the U.S., and with their monthly subscription, you’ll get a curated box of food from one of these must-try eateries.

Each box contains enough food for four people, and it will vary between savory and sweet dishes. Some examples of the food you might get include a Famous Jack Stack Barbecue Box, the Hancock Lobster Company’s Lobster Rolls Box, the Humphry Slocumbe Artisan Ice Cream Box, or a Southern Layer Cake from Caroline’s Cakes. Yum!

Sign up for the Goldbelly Monthly Food Subscription for $79/month

6. A monthly crafting kit for inspired DIY

There's no such thing as too many craft projects.

Crafting is a fun way to pass time at home, and the Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club provides everything you need to make a beautiful project at home. You’ll get to learn exciting crafts like painting, beading, candle and soap making, mixed-media, and more, and the kit comes with everything you need except common household items like scissors and glue.

Or, if you’re already partial to a particular type of crafting, Annie’s offers craft-specific boxes as well, such as Simply Beads or Caring Crochet.

Get the Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club for $19.99/month

7. The best meal kit service to spruce up your weekly menu

There's no better way to diversify your dinner menu.

A few months into quarantine, I realized that I was making the same four or five meals on repeat, and they were getting old quickly. If you’ve found yourself in a similar dinnertime rut, a meal kit service might be just what you need!

Home Chef is our favorite meal kit thanks to its fresh ingredients and well-written recipes, and each week, you’ll be able to choose from more than a dozen great meal kits, including 15-minute meals and easy-prep meals. Prices start at $6.99 per serving, and you can skip or pause your subscription any time you want.

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8. A box with everything you need for fun at-home date nights

Make date night fun again!

If your date nights have been lackluster—or even non-existent—lately, you can spice things up with the Happily Datebox. To start, you’ll take a quiz that asks about your interests, personalities, likes, and dislikes, and you’ll receive a date box curated to your tastes. The box will contain everything you need for a fun at-home date night, whether it’s a virtual dance lesson or gourmet cooking class—most boxes involve a series of videos and workbook downloads that you’ll have access to forever.

Sign up for Happily Datebox for $39.99/month

9. Monthly deliveries of delicious candy

Who doesn't want a never-ending supply of candy?

Personally, one of my favorite quarantine pastimes has been snacking, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you’ve got to try Candy Club. Each month, you’ll receive six jars of the brand’s best candies—everything from gummies and chocolate to candy popcorn—and you can choose whether you want sweet treats or sour ones. You also have the option between a “Fun Box,” which contains 6-ounce candy cups, or a “Party Box,” which has 13-ounce cups.

Sign up for Candy Club for $29.99/month

10. A self-care subscription box to pamper yourself

These self-care boxes are put together by real therapists.

Self-care is more important now than ever, and TheraBox is specially designed to help you take care of yourself through practical, joy-boosting activities. This unique subscription box is curated by real therapists, and every delivery contains a “happiness activity” inspired by neuroscience, as well as six to eight full-sized wellness items, such as face masks, bath salts, tea, and more. It’s a great reminder to prioritize your well-being every month and help you take time for yourself.

Sign up for TheraBox for $34.99/moth

11. Great new books to read each month

The hardest part is choosing just one book per month!

Know what will make life better if you’re stuck at home? Books! Lots and lots of books. Whether you’re an avid reader or haven’t finished a novel since high school, Book of the Month will get you excited about reading again. This subscription service lets you choose from one of five books each month, and their titles are often early releases or fresh perspectives. Your first delivery is just $9.99, and you can always add on a second (or third) book if one just isn’t enough.

Sign up for Book of the Month for $14.99/month

12. Monthly boxes full of the best ice cream ever

Ice cream. Enough said.

Love ice cream? Then you’ll love Jeni’s Pint Club. It’s truly one of my favorite brands of ice cream, and you can have it delivered to your door every month when you join the Pint Club. Each monthly box will include a curated selection of four ice creams, sorbets, or frozen yogurts—unfortunately, you can’t choose which flavors you want or make any swaps, but all their flavors are so good that we think you’ll be happy no matter what you get. Plus, your first box will include a set of ice cream spades or ice cream scoop to get you ready for all the goodies to come.

Get 3 months of Jeni’s Pint Club for $199

13. A sticker subscription box to bring you back to your youth

Yes, this stick club is for adults!

Am I the only one who absolutely loves collecting stickers? I started when I was a kid, and to this day, I will still buy stickers every time I go to the craft store. If you share the same love of these cute decorations, Pipsticks will bring a little joy to your time at home.

Pipsticks is a monthly sticker club that caters to sticker lovers of all ages. You can select whether you want the “Kids Club” or “Pro Club,” and there are two pack sizes to choose from with each selection. The Classic Pack includes 15 sheets of stickers each month, while the Petit Pack includes seven. Each collection is designed around a color palette so they match, and the fun stickers are perfect for decorating snail mail, journals, or scrapbooks.

Sign up for Pipsticks for $17.95/month

14. A monthly plant delivery service to fuel your obsession

Live plants will make your home feel happier.

Unfortunately, The Sill’s Plant Subscription service has been sold out for a while now, and if you’re looking for an alternative, we suggest Horti! This plant subscription sends you a plant with a 6-inch clay pot and saucer every month, and you can choose beginner- or pet-friendly plants or “Horti’s Pick.” You can also select from a few fun planter styles, and special hand-delivery is available if you live in NYC.

Sign up for Horti for $25/month

15. Artisan candles to make your home smell good

Keep your home smelling fresh with monthly candle deliveries.

For all the candle lovers out there, Vellabox should definitely be on your radar. This subscription box is an amazing way to make your home feel cozy and welcoming, as it includes seasonally-inspired candles. The artisan candles from Vellaboz always contain lead-free wicks, use phthalate-free fragrance oils, and are made of 100% soy, coconut or vegetable based waxes, and most are made from small businesses around the country, helping to support artisans. You can choose between three box options, including one 4-ounce candle, one 8-ounce candle, or both the 4- and 8-ounce candles, and every box also contains a fun surprise for your enjoyment.

Sign up for Vellabox for $20/month

16. A fancy cocktail box that makes you the bartender

One fancy cocktail, coming right up!

If you’re missing your favorite speakeasy, you can make fancy cocktails at home with Shaker & Spoon. Each month, they’ll send you three recipes from world-class bartenders and all the ingredients necessary to whip up amazing beverages—all you have to do is supply the alcohol. For an idea of what’s in store, the Shaker & Spoon box in December 2020 revolved all around rum, and the three cocktails were an Abukado Colada, Deacachimba, and a Kiss of the Ocean. Before you know it, you’ll be the best mixologist in town!

Sign up for the Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

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