April 13, 2024


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Wildflowers, grasses, trees for sale | House & Garden

Bare root shrubs and trees will be offered in bundles of five and 25 for $30-$35 and $55-$80, respectively.

The shrubs are lilac, red osier dogwood, ninebark, pussy willow, buttonbush, serviceberry and black elderberry.

The deciduous trees are black walnut, American hazelnut, red maple, crimson oak, white oak and American plum.

The conifers are white spruce, blue spruce, Norway spruce, white pine and white cedar (arborvitae).

The wildflowers/ grasses will be sold in six-packs of two-inch by two-inch plugs for $12 for every pack.

Wildflowers: fragrant aster, bee balm, butterfly weed, columbine, Culver’s root, untrue boneset, fake sunflower, good blue lobelia, hairy beardtongue, coronary heart leaved aster, ice ballet milkweed, Indian physic, jack in the pulpit, extensive headed coneflower, meadow blazing star, New England aster, pale purple coneflower, prairie blazing star, prairie coreopsis, rattlesnake learn, smooth beardtongue, southern blue flag iris, spiderwort, swamp milkweed, sweet black eyed Susan, white wild indigo, whorled milkweed, wild petunia, willow leaf bluestar and zig zag iris.

• Grasses: major bluestem, prolonged beaked sedge, Frank’s sedge, Indian grass, porcupine sedge, purple really like grass and tiny bluestem.