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Cherries have been a favored fruit for generations, eaten by individuals given that before recorded history. Sweet cherries, Prunus avium, are indigenous all through most of Europe, western Asia and components of northern Africa. Obviously, they have been utilised thoroughly in holiday getaway cooking by the several years.

But tart cherries, Prunus cerasus, are the most popular and properly-adapted cherry developed in Nebraska. Of the tart cherries, Montmorency is the longtime Midwest conventional.

Montmorency cherry grows into a medium sized tree, 15 to 18 feet in peak and width. It has been in cultivation for in excess of 400 several years. Other types of tart cherry that grow perfectly in Nebraska contain Meteor and Balaton. There is also a in a natural way dwarf wide variety, North Star, readily available, which is really hardy and thrives in the severe Midwest setting. But a new team of cherries, termed bush cherries, present terrific fruit, even improved wintertime hardiness and a great deal less difficult choosing because of to their small statue.

Heritage of shrub cherries

Development of bush cherries started in Canada in the 1940s and resulted in a assortment marketed as the Mongolian cherry. Throughout the 1980s, breeders at the University of Saskatchewan designed crosses involving the Mongolian cherry and the naturally dwarf tree variety North Star. The consequence of these crosses ended up a team of shrub-kind tart cherries that are very hardy, with the high fruit quality attributes of North Star and elevated sugar content material. The “Romance” cherry collection incorporates the cultivarsCarmine Jewel, Crimson Passion, Cupid, Juliet, Romeo and Valentine.