May 24, 2024


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Our nation’s majestic bald eagle | Home & Yard

Bald eagle at sunrise

A bald eagle rests on a fence as the solar rises west of Billings.

The Bald Eagle, whose scientific title is Haliaeetus leucocephalus usually means “sea eagle, white head”. Bald Eagles have been formerly distributed in the course of North America. On the other hand, breeding is now constrained to Alaska, Canada, northern Fantastic Lakes states and the Pacific Northwest. Ladies are larger sized than males, but both of those have a snow white head and tail. Juveniles are a mixture of brown and white until they attain about 4 or 5 several years outdated. They are large at 38” tall with a 80” wing span. Their phone calls are a collection of substantial-pitched cries. They mate for lifestyle, but if some thing occurs to a single of them, then the remaining fowl will find out another mate.

Eagles feed largely on stay or scavenged fish waterfowl, more compact mammals, and amphibians and reptiles. In wintertime, deer carcasses are a major supply of meals. Their strong, hook-formed beaks and sharp talons permit them to rip aside their prey for consuming.

You can help Bald Eagles by leaving useless snags and aged trees on your house for perching and nesting. Also, really don’t litter. Trash along the road (even organic and natural things) produces an artificial ecosystem that attracts small mammals and the raptors that hunt them. This produces a circumstance in which the birds can be hit by vehicles.

If you discover an wounded bird, do not attempt to select up the bird. They are wild animals and can inflict injuries. Be aware the site and simply call your local game warden or the Montana Raptor Middle at 406-585-1211. You are the most vital action in the bird’s likely recovery and return to the wild.

Kathy and her spouse, John, possess and operate the Wild Birds Limitless, found at 111 S. 24th Avenue, Billings and at