February 23, 2024


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‘Go home. We love you’: Trump to protesters Video

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  • Now Playing: Woman shot at US Capitol during protest

  • Now Playing: ATF seen in video clearing Senate floor

  • Now Playing: Rep. Karen Ross comments on the protesters who have stormed the US Capitol

  • Now Playing: Analyzing the situation at the US Captiol

  • Now Playing: Capitol breached as Congress debates election results

  • Now Playing: Protests intensify in and outside the US Capitol

  • Now Playing: Protesters storm the capital building

  • Now Playing: Raphael Warnock calls projected win ‘reversal of the old southern strategy’

  • Now Playing: Sen. McConnell rejects GOP challenge to confirming Electoral College vote

  • Now Playing: Congress begins ratification of the Electoral College votes

  • Now Playing: President Trump speaks at Save America Rally in Washington

  • Now Playing: Tens of thousands of Trump supporters protest in DC