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Ballinger Clinic Christmas contest

Ballinger Clinic Christmas contest

Ballinger Clinic Christmas contest

Ballinger Memorial Hospital’s once-a-year door decoration contest introduced out the creativeness in all of the departments. The doorways were judged by myself and metropolis manager Brian Frieda. The decoration contest often showcases the really one of a kind talents of the folks in each individual department.

The doorway decoration is just not just for the medical center. It also involves Keel Drug and the Ballinger Clinic. Cam Martin, the BMHD HR director, mentioned that the target is to have every doorway embellished by December 7th, something that the staff truly get pleasure from, “It became rather a contest to see who can have the most original design and style. Personnel appreciate earning the clinic seem festive for individuals, guests, and employees. Doors have been decorated by office and we experienced wonderful participation this 12 months with 15 doors embellished.”

Ballinger City Manager Brian Frieda judges the Physical Therapy Department's Christmas door display. The display won 1st place in this year's contest at Ballinger Memorial Hospital.

Prizes are awarded for the prime 3 finishers, but it could be the clients who actually win, “We feel that observing the decorations allows sufferers with currently being absent from household for the holidays. Because quite a few of our individuals continue to be for an extended period of time of time, our staff members has a purpose of serving to them really feel at residence when they are with us. Decorating the doorways is 1 way they can truly feel a little bit of the vacation cheer they are missing when away from household. “

Frieda commented about the contest throughout the judging, “It can be excellent to be given the honor or judging the doorway decorations. We’re blessed to be equipped to do this.”

This yr, initially prize went to the Bodily Remedy Section with their fire scene.

A closer look at the Ballinger Memorial Hospital's Physical Therapy Department's "Merry Fitness" Christmas door decoration display. The Physical Therapy Department took home top honors in the contest this year.

Culinary (2nd) and a Keel Drug/Clinic (3rd) Polar Express door also placed. Culinary had gorgeous perform with a gingerbread residence and gingerbread people today.

The door to Culinary Services was the 2nd place finisher. The beautifully decorated door was complete with gingerbread figures and a gingerbread house.

“Oh Deer, What a Yr,” was our 4th position crew, when Radiology completed in 5th.

The radiology workforce experienced an x-ray of a snowman, which was truly distinctive and outstanding.

Ballinger Memorial Hospital District's CEO Rhett Fricke, obviously moonlighting as the Polar Express Conductor, was in the Christmas spirit during the hospital's annual Christmas door decoration contest.

It was a quite difficult choice to make, deciding on amongst the top rated 3 because all 3 completed with a excellent rating (10/10).

But, the Actual physical Therapy crew went over and outside of with their fireplace placing decorations. To say that it was outstanding would be an understatement. The volume of time and hard work that went into it have to have been substantial. The creative imagination was absolutely nothing shorter of unbelievable.

1 of the very best components about judging this was seeing the exceptional and progressive decorations by the employees at BMHD, the clinic and Keel Drug. One doorway had outfits hangers created in the form of a snowflake.

Clothes hangers are used to create a snowflake during Ballinger Memorial Hospital's annual Christmas door decoration contest.

It is really apparent to kids of the 50s, 60s and 70s exhibits these kinds of as, It can be A Great Lifestyle, A Christmas Carol, as perfectly as the  Rudolph and Frosty movies, that the 2004 movie, The Polar Convey, is the newest go-to Christmas movie. All of the do the job was wonderful. We did not give an Honorable Mention, but if we experienced, CEO Rhett Fricke would probably have taken that award residence. His encounter on Tom Hanks on the Polar Express had us both laughing.

The third place finisher was a door at Keel Drug. The Polar Express was the most commonly used theme for decorations this year during the Ballinger Memorial Hospital District's annual door decoration contest.

Congratulations to every person at BMHD, the Ballinger clinic and Keel Drug. All people did an superb occupation. There was a good offer of thought and work that went into all those decorations and you need to all be proud of what your departments did separately and what all people did as portion of an unbelievable healthcare team.

And, from Brian and I, thank you to the BMHD family members for honoring us by selecting us to judge your decorations.